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With the insulating knit structure and the seamless design, we give the Winter LS Skin Layer properties thanks to which you stay warm and dry in the cold and harsh driving conditions in winter - from the base layer onwards.

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Temperature regulation is the decisive quality feature of functional underwear, especially in models for winter. In winter there are special challenges that are not found in other climaCodes, such as additional cold air and additional layers of clothing that you wear. For this reason we have developed our new long-sleeved skin layer for the winter. It is made from a thicker fabric, has a higher collar and is more stretchy than the spring / autumn model. This creates a layer under the other items of clothing that insulates even better and increases your flexibility.

The skin layer impresses with its comprehensively revised design and, with a new mix of textile fibers, is a complete redesign of our previous functional underwear. The long-sleeved skin layer for winter is around 13% lighter than the old winter skinFoil, which is due to the circular seamless structure. That also means there are no scratchy side seams. In addition, we use a winter-matched material made of carbon fibers and polypropylene yarns - with elastane - for this product, which transports moisture away from your skin and insulates the core of the body so that you stay dry and warm from the first step on the pedals, while being comfortable Enjoy ASSOS comfort.

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