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After more than forty years of experience in manufacturing textiles for the most passionate cyclists, ASSOS attaches great importance to inspiring riders who live to cross borders. In 1976, ASSOS of Switzerland was founded by Toni Maier with an incredible innovation, the first carbon fiber bicycle frame. As he endlessly researched aerodynamics on the bike in the wind tunnel, Toni quickly realized that the clothes riders wore were indeed the main cause of drag. At this point Toni turned to the clothing segment and invented the first Lycra® cycling shorts. This invention led professional teams to wear ASSOS shorts during the Tour de France, and to date ASSOS is proud to have contributed to more than 350 gold medals at World Championships and Olympic Games. ASSOS works side by side with the suppliers and the internal test team to produce fabrics that are optimally tailored to the needs of the drivers. By continuously investing in research and development, the pioneering company creates further key innovations that have shaped the development of the bicycle world and are now industry standards. These include the first sublimation of a cycling jersey in 1980, the first use of elastic cycling shorts in 2001 and the creation of the world's fastest time trial suit in 2004. Even today, ASSOS is rightly proud, through selected sponsorships of (World-Tour ) To be able to guarantee teams and individual riders comfort within cycling at the highest level

ASSOS cycling clothing - premium quality from Switzerland!

With the Lycra cycling shorts, ASSOS laid the foundation for a phenomenal development in the field of technical cycling clothing that has continued to this day.  ASSOS cycling clothing  belongs to the market leaders and is particularly popular with very performance-oriented cyclists. ASSOS therefore equips the Swiss national cycling team with cycling clothing and accessories.

The style of ASSOS cycling clothing is clean, accentuated and rather reserved. The focus is clearly on that  technical component  and the added value that the clothing offers the athlete.

ASSOS cycling clothing

  • supports the muscles and prevents fatigue,

  • is precisely tailored to the driver's seating position,

  • adapts optimally to the anatomy and movement of the driver,

  • is aerodynamic, lightweight and  Regulating body climate,

  • offers one  excellent wearing comfort,

  • The functionality of the individual items is perfectly matched to one another


It goes without saying that ASSOS is continuously researching and developing the optimization of individual components of cycling clothing. ASSOS is a pioneer and role model in the cycling industry, ASSOS cycling clothing is a benchmark for  Premium provider.

The ASSOS cycling clothing range dresses cyclists from head to toe  a.

While the collections of the  ASSOS men's cycling clothing  straightforward and technical, come with the  ASSOS women's cycling clothing  also very nice, feminine prints to wear.

The specific "ASSOS houndstooth pattern" is distinctive and unmistakable about ASSOS cycling clothing.  that is used again and again, more or less, discreetly on tops and accessories.

ASSOS cycling clothing - a perfect concept

That  ASSOS Layering System  forms the basis of this concept. Cycling shorts, windbreaker, the ASSOS jersey, vest, underwear - everything is coordinated, everything matched, everything complements each other. The aim is to have equipment that allows cyclists to practice their favorite sport all year round.  Bike clothing from ASSOS  offers you maximum support, weather protection and comfort with minimal weight and volume. The individual parts of ASSOS cycling clothing, the different layers, harmonize perfectly with each other and thus ensure optimal climate regulation. ASSOS cycling clothing is like a jigsaw puzzle in which every part is fundamental to the bigger picture.


The ASSOS cycling clothing range includes:

  • the legendary  ASSOS cycling shorts  in all lengths, for cold and hot temperatures, with and without straps

  • the classic  ASSOS jerseys  which adapt in 3 fits, the driving styles and demands of the driver

  • the super light ones  ASSOS wind jackets  and vests, which serve as an additional layer in changeable weather, in the transition period or on long descents to protect against cooling

  • the warming, anatomically cut  ASSOS winter jackets  for training in the cold season

  • those that match the collection and the weather  ASSOS cycling socks

  • Moisture regulating  ASSOS underwear  for summer and winter

  • good cushioning and gentle on the hand nerves  ASSOS gloves

  • ASSOS headgear: classic peaked caps or practical helmet liners

  • for the transition period  ASSOS arm and leg warmers, ergonomically cut with good hold

  • slim  ASSOS overshoes that keep out wind and weather

  • and much more

the  ASSOS cycling shorts  is and will remain the core of ASSOS cycling clothing.

The ASSOS cycling shorts - very special and uniquely good

What is so special about the  ASSOS cycling shorts? In short: an extremely good material, the perfect cut and a unique upholstery construction.

  • That  material  is  extremely high quality. With its high percentage of elastane, it adapts perfectly to body and movement and offers a  good muscle compression. Sun protection, antibacterial and moisture-wicking properties and good abrasion resistance are mandatory. Strategically placed special inserts offer the body additional hold and support. In the carrier area there are light, highly elastic and highly moisture-regulating fabrics.

  • Of the  Cut of the ASSOS cycling shorts  is precisely tailored to the cyclist's seating position. It has as few seams as possible to avoid friction. Protect in many ways  Lasercut degrees  from skin irritation. The filigree support structure is absolutely non-slip and does not cut into it. Wide elastic leg ends keep the ASSOS cycling shorts in place and offer extra compression.

  • The ultimate in ASSOS cycling shorts are those  high quality seat pad. Memory foam permanently adapts to body contours and movement.  Perforated foam layers  optimize breathability. The pad is only selectively connected to the ASSOS cycling shorts so that it moves with the body and thus prevents friction and skin irritation. The front area of the men's upholstery is designed like a cocoon and protects the genitals. Perforations prevent overheating.

The ASSOS cycling shorts are of course optimally complemented by an ASSOS jersey. The cut and fit are ideally coordinated.

Are you curious? At ASSOSproSHOP.CH you will find a wide range of cycling shorts, matching ASSOS jerseys and other ASSOS cycling clothing including accessories.

If you have any questions about fits and sizes, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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