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The continuous two-layer material, the feminine cut and the proven UMA padding make the Ultraz Winter Bib Tights our warmest  Bib tights at all and provide effective protection against the cold in winter.

The UMA GT Ultraz Winter Bib Tights are made of proven winterproof textiles that are characterized by unbeatable insulation, breathability and weather resistance. We used the highly insulating roughened RX Heavy material, which we also use for our winter bib tights, as a basis. In addition, we have added a second layer of fabric to the outside of this model for an extra portion of protection. For this twinDeck design we used NEOS Ultra-Textile: a very thin two-layer softshell material with a sealed PU membrane. Not only is it water repellent, it is also 100% windproof. In this way, legs and buttocks that have to withstand the elements are completely protected from snow, rain, wind and cold. As with the Winter Bib Tights, the back of the leg is made of RX Light, which means that this area that is moved the most is even more breathable with additional comfort.

The fit of the Ultraz belongs to our "regularFit" category, which means that thanks to the two-layer design, the tights are slightly compressible where necessary, but are not as tight as pants in racingFit. The fabric sections are pre-shaped and sewn in such a way that they completely enclose and support the thigh muscles, knees and calves during movement - so they follow your movements with every step on the pedal. We used our tried and tested UMA EVO upholstery, which is made of 8 mm thick, soft memory foam and offers reliable comfort on every journey.

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