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CHF129.00 Regular Price
CHF90.00Sale Price

High quality women's cycling shorts that are suitable for the very first ride as well as for strenuous tours and have been designed by the true connoisseurs.

colour: caleumBlue

As true shorts experts, we have been striving for excellence and refining our products for over four decades so that we can continue to be a pioneer in the cycling apparel industry. With the UMA GT summer shorts, the process technology and fabric types of our characteristic ASSOS S7 generation come into their own, and the advantageous price makes them the ultimate choice for all occasions, be it your first trip, a daily lap or even a big tour.

The strapless UMA GT women’s cycling shorts are best suited for rides in pleasant weather conditions and are made from our specially developed Type.439 Diadema fabric, which is characterized by high elasticity and excellent moisture-wicking and compression properties. We have thought through these strapless UMA GT cycling shorts down to the smallest detail in order to guarantee a perfect fit - regardless of whether you undertake long journeys in summer or indoor training in winter, the belly section, which is provided with the particularly elastic aeroFit fabric, will not let you down . In addition, this UMA mission demonstrates that we focus on top performance, because it is light, breathable and, thanks to our renowned goldenGate process technology, shaped. As you already know, only true connoisseurs were involved in the design of these women's cycling shorts.

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