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This limited edition jersey, in which we have given the "Erlkönig Dazzle" camouflage our own, is reminiscent of the mystery of the prototypes of racing vehicles, their speed and their style.


Only while stocks last.

colour: Green

For a long time now, dazzle camouflage patterns have been hiding the identity of new cars during their testing phase, and to this day they have kept prototype products a secret. The camouflage pattern was designed by British artist Norman Wilkinson as a tactic for camouflaging and protecting warships during World War I. The automotive industry adopted this effect in the 1950s with the prototype vehicles known as "Erlkönig" in order to confuse competitors and hide new technologies. 

We found the idea of using this pattern as a graphic on a jersey appealing in many ways, as the R&D cycles of our products correspond to many of those used in the racing car industry. To develop better, faster gear, we need to test, test and test even more - and the Erlkönig SS jersey is our newest take on our all-rounder collection of SS jerseys. The Erlkönig delivers top performance during races, during training or when you are doing a few laps with friends at the weekend. 

The jersey is made from our proven textiles Dual Tex and Push Pull, which are characterized by their breathability, their low weight and their excellent elasticity. We would like to emphasize a few important details: the unbroken sleeves for an optimal, seamless transition between the jersey and your upper arms, our "Triple Ramp" pockets to store your personal items on the back, and our exactly right regularFit fit for Comfort on the bike that lasts all day.

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