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Incredibly light gloves with a short finger section that are great for warm weather conditions where maximum air exchange is a must.

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The articulation and comfortable protection are the focus of this model and were made possible thanks to the use of five different materials, ten inserts and three components. In other words: the RS Aero SF gloves are simply extraordinary. The optimized, wrinkle-free silhouette has been cut so that it forms a rounded 3D shape and thus resembles the complex anatomical structure of a human hand that grips the handlebars. 

We have used our Breezer Tex material on the back of the hand, an ultra-light, woven material with a mesh-like structure that stimulates the exchange of air and gives your hands a soft feeling on the skin. Strategically positioned, triangular cushions on the palm, which are enclosed by perforated, synthetic leather, offer light support and protection without reducing the necessary resonance of the handlebar grips. The result of this creation are these gloves that are incredibly light to the touch, free of bulky fasteners and materials and thus adapt to the hand easily and with low volume.

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