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CHF250.00Sale Price

The Ultraz winter jacket is made for the coldest, toughest winter conditions. With her you can continue to train outside, no matter what mother  Nature opposes you.

colour: lollyRed

When the toughest winter conditions prevail outside, where most cyclists prefer to retreat (or get on a spinning bike), the Ultraz jacket is ready to take you outside on the road - right where you want to ride. For the front panel facing the wind, we used our NEOS Ultra-Textile: a light, two-layer soft-shell material with a bonded PU membrane. This is not only waterproof, but also 100% windproof, ensuring that the area of your upper body that has to withstand the elements is completely protected from snow, rain, splashing water, biting cold wind and low temperatures. We heat up the jacket even further by combining this ultra membrane with our roughened, highly insulating, breathable RX material so that your upper body stays warm and dry. Our NEOS Light is used on the upper side of the arms and on the shoulders, which has been lightly roughened on the inside for additional protection and comfort. By strategically using two different NEOS membranes on the Ultraz, we were able to ensure that you get exactly the right protection where you need it. At the same time, we maintain the breathable properties of the jacket and save weight throughout. We have carefully selected the materials for this jacket to perfectly match the Ultraz to the position our body is in in the riding position on the bike and the conditions in which we will ride. That is why you will find breathable textile panels on the underside of the arms and on the back. Every design decision has a reason, because we know that when driving in the dead of winter, every detail has to be perfectly coordinated in terms of fit and function.

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