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The EQUIPE RS winter bib shorts S9, designed for intensive training and racing in cold weather, are with their incomparable heat storage, the  Ultimate wearing comfort and the stability of the successor to our iconic Bonkas, which has been tried and tested on the WorldTour.

For years, our legendary Bonka shorts have stood for “full winter offense”, i.e. absolute winter defense, as their comfortable fit and reliable insulation lure us onto the streets season after season, even on the iciest winter days. A few essential areas had to be improved, however, because we wanted to provide more targeted protection and increased stability, but at the same time reduce the overall weight. The result of this development are none other than the EQUIPE RS winter bib shorts S9.

First of all, we transferred our tried and tested frame structure à la A-Lock Engineering to the bib shorts. Thanks to this support system, the thicker textiles are guaranteed to stay evenly wrapped around you and, thanks to the light compression, stimulate your muscles hour after hour. The new model also holds the pad in place thanks to the “ergoBox” stitch pattern and the “rollBar” straps, which means that your buttocks are completely and continuously supported by the pad, even when you move in and out of the saddle Shift your weight.

As far as the winterproof materials are concerned, we have made use of our reliable two-layer twinDeck for the knees, along the thighs, in the crotch and on the hips, which is made from the feather-light, also two-layer SPHERE Ultra with membrane and the heat-storing roughened OSMOS Heavy. Our thicker SPHERE medium is used on the back. These bib shorts made from waterproof and windproof textiles developed in the laboratory provide you with continuous targeted protection without restricting breathability in any way.

For the upholstery, we used our race-proven EQUIPE RS upholstery - only without kraterCooler air holes - in its popular basalt color. It is equipped with a superAir microShock foam layer, the 3D waffle upper material and the goldenGate technology only used by ASSOS.

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