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The racing / training jersey for spring and autumn with all the trimmings, including light insulation and integrated air supply for one  aerodynamic fit.

With these extremely light mesh summer jerseys, you can easily defy the conditions of races that often take place at the beginning and end of the cycling season. Cold wind and cool weather often require warming protection for the core of the body, which our Spring Fall Aero SS jersey is ideally suited for.

When our body performs at its best, less is more. For this reason we have designed a light, warm jersey with short sleeves and temperature regulating properties, as we often put on and take off arm warmers and a vest during a race. The first thing you will notice are two “valves” on the front of the shoulders. This detail, only available from ASSOS, resembles air fans in that it draws cool air from the outside in and distributes it between the two layers of fabric of the jersey. Why not just open the zipper? We have provided the jersey with two layers based on our twinDeck design, in which a light, warm inner material meets an extremely stretchy outer shell, creating an aerodynamic, insulating racing jersey. However, if we are driving at top speed in a crouched position, but still rely on a supply of air to cool the body, opening the zipper is not always an option. With this design we have found a solution to the problem: Benefit from a regulated body temperature without having to forego aerodynamics.

The sleeves are made of our SONIC material, a highly elastic rib fabric that hugs the arms and also has a slightly insulating effect thanks to its roughened inside. The open edges complete the package together with our color-coded Triple Ramp Pockets, a zipper with opening / closing lock and particularly light rib hems on the back.

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