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The handcrafted cyclingSlipper_G1 cycling shoes by ASSOS offer first-class power transmission, breathability and a tailor-made fit so that you can travel even faster.


- Preizser handcrafted by Lake exclusively for ASSOS.

- Upper and lining made of 100% kangaroo leather.

-Thermoformed, bespoke fit.

-Light, breathable, form-fitting, durable and antimicrobial treated upper made of kangaroo leather.

-Breathable, hard-wearing and antimicrobial tongue made of silver mesh.

-Patent pending outsole made of 100% carbon fiber with thermoformable, reinforcing material in the sole.

-A patent pending footbed made of 100% carbon fiber separates the foot  from the outsole and thus enables a more comfortable fit and higher air circulation.

-The light kangaroo leather is breathable and has an antimicrobial treatment.

-The temperature regulating heel and tongue lining by Outlast® creates a pleasant foot climate.

-This cycling shoe, available exclusively from ASSOS, is based on the CFC model from Lake and has also been perfected by the ASSOS works team with 32 additional details.

-To adjust: put the shoes in the oven at 80 ° C for five minutes. Put on your shoes with two pairs of socks, sit with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle, and then bring the carbon fiber  by pulling and pushing with your hands into shape. Let the shoes cool off without moving. Should you have any more  If you feel pressure points, you can repeat this process as necessary.

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