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The ASSOS time trial suit is aptly named Speedfire. If you want to go fast - and we mean really fast - this is your garment of choice. Speed is reflected in his  Name and especially reflected in its design.


Building on the previous model S5 and all of our experience  from the product test in the Fenomeno project, we now have the new generation  of the time trial suits based on the trend-setting in the industry  S7 seat pad developed.

Every detail of this garment has been designed with maximum in mind  Speed meticulously planned and designed. The cut is special  tuned to a very aggressive driving position and is characterized by  a shorter collar, a narrow shoulder area and the upholstery that is slightly forward.

We even went that far, a material developed in the wind tunnel  to use the speed-enhancing properties of this  Tightened again. Optimizations in terms of aerodynamics allow a smoother airflow and make you even faster. But that's not all! We were also able to achieve a significant improvement in performance through a few changes to the construction of the Chronosuit: an elastic zipper optimizes the seat even in the most extreme racing position on the bike, a special pocket for the radio is available and seamless leg cuffs prevent friction. Because this garment was made for absolute high-performance use  is during which the body is producing a lot of heat, you will not  need complementary garments and can put the suit directly on  wear on the skin. Should it still be a bit cooler, you can get one  Combine it with a sleeveless skinFoil undershirt.

The CS.speedfireChronosuit S7 is the next level in terms of speed. 

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