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With a weight of only 27.5 grams, “G2” is the evolution of the most advanced glasses for cycling. As part of a development process together with Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens, we have revolutionized the view on the bike with “Zegho”.

The original Zegho glasses laid the foundation for better vision when cycling - first-class glasses with tunnelView (TV) technology and an adaptable frame - perfected in precision manufacturing. With "G2" we have gone even further and have revised the shape, given the lenses a new tint and integrated solutions for wearers of optical glasses without sacrificing the tried and tested clear vision and comfort that the original was distinguished by. 

The design of the new G2-V-TORIC glasses has a lower profile compared to their first generation, but they are still rimless, which creates a crystal-clear view and a feather-light feeling. We worked very closely with Zeiss on two new lens models and made them adaptable to all lighting conditions. "Interceptor Black" is ideal for bright light and the "Dragonfly Copper" is the better choice for changing conditions, possibly with little light. Combine the glasses with the supplied second crystal lenses ("Crystal" stands for crystal clear vision) and you are well equipped for all conditions. 

Thanks to our new triggerClick interior design, the glasses and the temples form a unit. TriggerClick is a mechanism with which spectacle lenses can be changed easily and safely by simply pressing them (“push-to-change”) without exerting pressure on the lenses. We have incorporated our clickFace elastomer and a completely adaptable nose bridge along the temples. So you can benefit from an almost individually tailored seat regardless of the shape of your head. And those who rely on corrective lenses can look forward to the additional optical lenses included with the "G2", which can be seamlessly combined with our glasses. 

"Zegho" is the joint success of nine European specialty eyewear manufacturers. Each one contributes a specially made component. Each pair of glasses is produced by hand in Italy, with 22 individual steps in production and the active involvement of 37 employees.

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