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The one-piece secret weapon for cross-country, cyclo-cross races, gravel and marathon events when speed and full body protection are important.


Most one-piece suits are rather delicate: “less is more” and “not open to the wind” is the motto. However, this limits the application of these suits. Under harsher conditions - if z. B. branches and other obstacles cross your path - more fabric and higher protection are required. But that's only one side of the XC Le Vernon. On the other hand, it also impresses with its aerodynamic fit that sits like a second skin - the result of years of experience in the field of speed optimization

The upper part of the suit is made from a mix of Type.157 Stripe and Push Pull material. This combination ensures that the one-piece is light, breathable and particularly suitable for racing at the same time. Both materials have already proven themselves in practice in our XC and street jerseys, which is why we have decided to combine their best properties. The lower half is made of the same high-performance Type.429 material that we use for our XC shorts, and also has side panels made of our abrasion-resistant dyneRope. Both textiles are ideal for off-road use. Thanks to the robust design and the supportive properties, our legs run (or step) continuously at high performance, even when the path becomes difficult. The proven OFFROAD upholstery is placed a little further back than usual in order to do justice to the somewhat more upright posture that is usual for off-road driving.

After selecting the materials, we joined the two halves on the lower left and right stomach areas so that there was enough space for ventilation by means of a continuous zipper. It actually makes it easy to “make things easier in nature”. At the back, the upper and lower halves gently merge into one another. There are also three pockets that are a bit smaller than usual, but offer space for the things that you really need in a race. In combination with a base layer or worn under additional layers, the versatile Le Vernon is your secret weapon in demanding races in a wide variety of off-road disciplines.

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