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Medium protection over full finger length and finely crafted comfort for MTB and Gravel.

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The secret of the effective XC series is based on a combination of light and at the same time manoeuvrable materials with a portion of targeted comfort - gloves are not left out of this. The XC FF gloves strike the perfect balance between the advantages of our lightweight street gloves and the hold of our more robust TRAIL gloves.

To do this, we made use of the same strong, breathable mesh that we used on our favorites, the Shasha gloves. This material ensures that the gloves adapt optimally to your fingers and the back of the hand remains pleasantly cool. We used a soft microfiber fabric on the palm of the hand, which we then covered with light, perforated padding at the contact points between hands and handlebars. The fingertips of the index and middle fingers are covered with a silicone coating so that you have better control over the brake levers. The flexible waistband adapts to your wrist and offers an almost tailor-made fit without any friction.

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