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A windproof, lightweight shell vest that protects you from the wind when it's not in your pocket.



This women's-specific shell vest, reduced to the essentials, comes in a precisely fitting shape and offers optimal protection against the elements at a reasonable price. The sleeveless design consists of our Foil-Ultra-Textile, which has already proven itself in our important shells from the entire year’s collections. The side panels are finished with our windproof glossy for extra comfort. The revised two-layer collar construction improves elasticity and comfort while you cycle. 

This tech-savvy design and construction has one purpose: to create a packable, ultra-light shell vest that is perfect for the body as well as for the pocket. From now on you can enjoy the fresh downhill runs and the cool, early morning hours, because you can rely on this vest. 

When you no longer need the vest, it can be folded up and easily stowed away. Thanks to our revised long-distance design, this indispensable windproof, lightweight shell vest impresses with maximum performance. It offers important protection with minimal bulk. Ideal for everyday trips when you need reasonable protection. 

The Shell vest is now available in two attractive colors and is sure to become your favorite with good reason.

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