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An essential windproof and lightweight shell jacket specially designed for women cyclists.


Few cyclists set out without a windproof shell. It should be part of your basic equipment all year round. For women we have now developed a windproof shell jacket that is limited to the essentials. It offers important protection and, with its fair price, is part of the essential ASSOS basic wardrobe. The jacket is a core piece for our in-house test team and we have equipped the front with our race-proven Foil Ultra fabric and provided it with revised side panels made of the particularly stretchy and breathable, internally developed Glossy fabric. The revised two-layer collar construction and raglan sleeves improve elasticity and comfort while you cycle. 

Cyclists who always have a windproof shell with them also appreciate valuable packing volume. That calls for a product that can be easily put in your pocket while driving. The UMA GT wind jacket fulfills all of these requirements. Thanks to our revised long-distance design, this uncomplicated shell jacket impresses with important protection with minimal volume.

Now available in the classic blackSeries or street-fine divaPink. During the warmer months, this shell will rarely get stuck in the closet.

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