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The two-layer design and the precise fit ensure the highest possible protection for the hand and insulation during the harshest winter conditions.

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Ultraz is synonymous with the harsh weather conditions in deep winter that drive most people back to their homes. The gloves were tested for precisely these conditions: They ensure that you can spend many comfortable hours outdoors with your fingers warm and flexible. The Ultraz gloves are based on our highly insulating two-layer fabric design "twinDeck" and, with their membrane-reinforced airblock textile, thermal lining and neoprene cuffs, are the successors to our standard winter gloves. This combination creates a high level of insulation and reliable protection against wind and weather, while remaining breathable enough that your hands do not get sweaty. These low-volume gloves have longer neoprene cuffs - for the important interface between jacket and glove - as well as targeted palm padding throughout.

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