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Combine these cargo shorts with the Trail Liner shorts for women to get the perfect protection on your all mountain rides - including unlimited comfort and lasting support.

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We designed the women's trail liner shorts based on our rallyBoxer, incorporating a new front section and an improved waist design to provide comfort and support on your off-road ride. 

We have used a new woven fabric on the front that is particularly elastic and soft and has been developed with special attention to breathability, so that you stay cool and dry when it gets hot outside. The waist is designed with a large V-shaped section that easily conforms to your stomach area while you are in the riding position. We have also adjusted the inner seam so that the shorts are even more comfortable to wear on the thighs. We have also attached our removable impactPads to the hips to protect you even better against falls on particularly challenging rides. Due to their oval shape and the 8 mm thick, tightly woven polyurethane, these cushions are perfect both to protect you and to never interfere with your driving style. Finally, we removed the original meshes to avoid chafing the skin. 

The liner shorts combine light support, comfort and shock protection to form the ideal base layer for your ride, which is even more evident when worn with our Trail Cargo shorts and thus form the perfect foundation for your lower body.

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