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Cycling trousers that combine winterproof fabrics, functional details and a fit that is tailored to trail rides, and that meet the special requirements of all-mountain rides in winter so that you can perform at your best even on harsh, cold days.


Up until now, it has not been easy to find cycling pants that will keep you warm and dry in your lower body and unrestricted freedom of movement during the harshest months of the year. We have changed that: We have adopted a few design ideas from our cargo shorts, for example the waistband, which sits comfortably on the hips and has no bothersome straps. In this model, we have set the waistband a little higher and attached silicone trimmings on the back so that the pants don't slip. The fit of the pants is characterized by a close-fitting and tailored cut with a sealed hem  - and yet sits loosely enough to allow unrestricted movement. The design is rounded off by two zipped pockets on the thighs, the wear-resistant fabric sections on the hem and a permanently water-repellent coating incorporated throughout the trousers.

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