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Extra long legs, enough space to store essential items and reliable support: The TRAIL Liner Bib Knickers are there.

Building on our versatile basic model of the bib shorts, the TRAIL Knickers have everything a cyclist's heart desires - support with straps, storage space with pockets and protection with pads - as well as an extra long leg cut for additional protection and a few cool new features.

The straps of the Knickers are so tight and flat on the upper body that you can practically not feel them as soon as you take up the driving position, and are therefore perfect to be worn directly under your TRAIL Cargo shorts. We have incorporated our proven stabilizer insert made of mesh on the back, which provides cooling and keeps the two carrier bags on the lower back in place. These external pockets are positioned high enough to avoid contact with the waistband and low enough to be easily reached through the jersey. Make it easy for yourself: For shorter journeys, just leave your bag at home and instead rely on the two narrow pockets of the Knickers, which can hold an additional bottle, pump, tool, key or the like.

Once again, our particularly soft and stretchy Aerofit fabric is used on the legs, which was developed with special attention to breathability, so that you stay cool and dry when the temperature rises - or your pulse. The push pull material that we also use for the sleeves of our summer jerseys is used here on the hips, lower back and back of the knees to allow a little more ventilation. The new open-edged waistband was made with a high V-shaped fabric, the fit of which adapts to your abdomen in the driving position. We have also processed the hems with open edges and also provided them with silicone so that the knickers sit securely and comfortably. They can be combined not only with the shorts, but also with our separately available impactPads for cushioning impacts on the hips. Speaking of damping: our proven OFF-ROAD upholstery with its advantageously placed memory foam - in this case a little further back to do justice to the more upright posture when driving off-road - fits in perfectly with this concept.

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