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Resistant protection for the entire finger area as well as finely crafted comfort offer you support during your ride off the road.

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Thanks to countless hours that we spend off the beaten track testing new materials and structures, we can offer you protection for the entire finger area along with comfort that prevents fatigue. During our tests, we were able to find out where the heat accumulates and in which positions our hands feel most comfortable, thereby improving the fine-tuning of the insertions of the gloves. That's why we've given them a rounded 3D structure that mimics the unique anatomical structure of the human hand when the handlebars are gripped. The result? Targeted support at the important points and noticeably less weight. 

We used a sturdy 3D mesh on the palm of the hand, which we then covered with light, perforated padding where the hands hold the handlebars - namely on the upper and outer areas and the thumb. The fingertips are also surrounded by a tough double layer that uses silicone treatment on the first two fingers for better control over the brake levers. The flexible ends adapt to your wrist and offer an almost tailor-made fit without any friction.

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