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The revised ASSOS bib shorts, a true evolution of the traditional "équipe" model, represent the forerunner of the S9 generation and step with it  a completely new insert and a new color combination break new ground.


For more than four decades, we at ASSOS have been offering cyclists the highest possible level of performance and quality in terms of cycling shorts. So it is of the utmost importance to us that we continue to shine with the best, best performing shorts for everyday wear. We are proud to present our flagship product, the renowned Equipe EVO. These high-quality bib shorts are the result of further improvements and tests, which subsequently led to further improvements, and can be regarded as the forerunners of the as yet unrealized S9 generation. Equipe EVO, equipped with the groundbreaking comfort of the current S7 generation, goes one step further than the original ASSOS équipe shorts, which have been ASSOS 'most popular product since their invention.

The revised bib shorts are equipped with a brand new, high-performance insert called équipeEVO_S7. This innovation is characterized by its unmistakable black design and offers improved air exchange at the front of the insert. Thanks to the openings, which were developed for improved air exchange, sensitive areas of the body are cooled, thus increasing comfort on longer journeys.

In addition, these cycling shorts stand out from the rest of our collection because they have the same design and process technology as the BMC Racing Team Shorts. With the nationalRed option  there is a red color stripe on the right leg, which rounds off the model with a touch of color. The subtle blackSeries design provides a simpler look with a white ASSOS logo on the left leg. If you want a sporty version, we offer you the completely black profBlack version with the black ASSOS lettering on both legs.

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