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The Summer NS Skin Layer serves as the first layer to protect against hot weather, because it not only regulates moisture  and temperature, but also keeps your body cool thanks to the ultra-light yarn and seamless design.


colour: holyWhite

It's simple, it's invisible, and yet the Summer NS Skin Layer is incredibly effective at regulating your body temperature at all times. The apparently irrelevant functional underwear for summer trips is often only given retrospective attention, but we do not take it lightly, but continuously optimize the composition and silhouette so that you can enjoy full comfort even on the mild days of the year.

The numbers speak for themselves: The NS Skin Layer is almost 30% lighter than its predecessor from the skinFoil series. Thanks to our circular seamless structure, there are no scratchy side seams and the result is a uniform, tubular knitted design that feels silky soft on the skin. This product uses a new textile made of carbon fibers and polypropylene thread, which regulates moisture even better than other materials. The result is an extremely light, breathable antibacterial skin layer that cools your core as much as possible and keeps it dry.

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