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The Spring / Fall SS Skin Layer is in no way inferior to the excellent fit that you are already used to from our functional underwear  and fits like a glove. The short-sleeved top is made from a medium-weight knit to provide easy insulation for your core and keep you dry in cool weather.

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The Skin Layer series is the latest innovation from our development laboratory, which our product team worked on until we were completely satisfied with the result. This protective layer forms the basis of our ASSOS Layering System and serves to slightly insulate your upper body and keep it dry in cool, challenging spring and autumn weather.

The skin layer for spring / autumn is about 11% lighter than the previous skinFoil after a complete overhaul. Thanks to our circular seamless structure, there are no scratchy side seams and the result is a uniform, tubular knitted design that feels silky soft on the skin. A textile made of carbon fibers and polypropylene yarn, which is geared towards cool weather, is used, which regulates moisture and insulates even better than other materials. The end product is a supple, insulating antibacterial short-sleeved base piece that keeps your core dry and protected under other sportswear.

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