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A versatile rain cycling jacket with numerous functions that provides reliable performance even in adverse weather conditions and impresses with our anonymous profBlack color scheme.

colour: yellowBadge

The RS.sturmPrinz  is a reliable solution for bike tours in all seasons. It is designed in our ASSOS textile laboratory with our own TRITON fabric and makes short work of wind and rain. Using a temperature-sensitive membrane, TRITON adapts to the ambient temperature and makes the sturmPrinz profBlack less breathable in cold weather and more breathable in warm weather. It also transports sweat and body heat away from the body. Our sturmPrinz cycling jacket has been thoroughly tested around our Swiss headquarters and offers many ingenious details, such as the airVents from ASSOS, which regulate the body temperature on the torso, and a parallel ventilation slot between the shoulder blades that helps guide water vapor away from the body. Tighten the adjustable fasteners on the wrist and neck if you want to stay out of the cold and looser if you prefer a looser fit. Their sealed seams form a barrier against harsh weather conditions. And when it stops raining, this high-performance jacket can be easily stowed in the jersey pocket. This pioneering cyclist shell offers outstanding protection from the elements in pocket format and is presented in our profBlack color scheme - our special collection with items without branding for cyclists who want to pedal anonymously and completely in black. 

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