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The Robofoil G2 hat is an indispensable accessory for trips in warm weather, as it protects against the sun, the perspiration  regulates and ensures that your head stays cool and dry.

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We introduce: the next generation of our reliable Robofoil hat. It's been redesigned to improve comfort, and it's also made from a blend of yarns that will keep your head cool and dry while protecting you from the sun.

Thanks to our circular seamless technology, all foil items are free of any annoying side seams, creating a uniform, tubular knitted design that feels particularly soft on the skin. The fabric itself consists of polypropylene yarn, which, compared to conventional polyester blended fabrics, removes moisture much faster and allows it to evaporate. This creates a breathable upper layer that keeps your head cool and dry and protects against UV rays.

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