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A versatile tool that changes from a neck protector for cool days to a particularly soft headband with integrated UV protection in the  can repurpose seamless design.

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Our neckfoil adapts to different needs and is therefore an indispensable accessory for all seasons. Worn under the chin, it provides light, gap-free insulation in spring and autumn. In addition, it can be pulled over the mouth and ears to protect against wind on steep descents. Folded in the middle, it forms a wide headband that is perfect for protecting against UV rays and annoying sweat. And so the list could go on and on.

Thanks to our circular seamless technology, all foil articles are free of any side seams, creating a uniform, tubular knitted design that feels particularly soft on the skin. The fabric itself is made of polyamide, which, compared to conventional polyester blend fabrics, removes moisture much faster and can therefore evaporate much faster. This creates a breathable top layer that protects your neck and head and keeps them dry.

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