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CHF 119.00 Regular Price
CHF 83.00Sale Price

Brave the cold and keep warm in this windproof, lightweight shell vest.

colour: visibilityGreen

As a characteristic ASSOS product, this windproof shell vest from the MILLE GT collection, equipped with essentials, embodies the essentials when it comes to protection. We have created a technically sophisticated fabric construction that offers the highest possible protection against the weather conditions as well as excellent stowability - and at a fair price. The sleeveless model of the MILLE GT summer wind vest consists of our Foil Ultra fabric, which has already proven its strength in well-known products from the ASSOS collection. In addition, thanks to our windproof glossy fabric, it is also more comfortable. The brand new two-layer collar optimizes stretchability and comfort when driving in the lower steering position and on long journeys. The simple construction and structure of this high-performance cycling vest serves only one purpose: to create an easily stowable, extremely light and water-repellent shell vest that looks just as good in your pocket as it does on your body. The vest is available in our revised regularFit fit and was designed for daily endurance training. This makes it ideal for trips where you need adequate protection, minimum volume and maximum performance.

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