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Merciless winter weather? We have the ultimate solution. Our brand new Ultraz EVO offers the highest possible protection because it comes with an arsenal  equipped with NEOS textiles so that your body stays warm, dry and protected even in the depths of winter.

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Our Ultraz jacket, which is designed for uncomfortable winter weather, has been further developed this year to intensify its protective and heat-storing properties. For the front and upper back facing the wind, we have used our proven NEOS Light textile: an extremely light, three-layer softshell material with a sealed PU membrane. Not only is it waterproof, it is also 100% windproof. In this way, your upper body, which has to withstand the elements, is completely protected from snow, rain, splash water, biting cold wind and low temperatures. A light membrane combined with our roughened, highly insulating, breathable RX Heavy material on the inside is guaranteed to keep you warm and your core pleasantly dry.

The sleeves are made of the thinner NEOS Ultra, which is used in our two-layer twinDeck. They have a slightly roughened 652.RX coating on the inside for even more protection and comfort. It is noticeable that these materials were not sewn together at the hem. This allows you to let gloves disappear seamlessly between these layers of fabric and enjoy even comfort. The breathable and firm center piece on the back is framed on the left and right by back sections, each made of the three-layer NEOS Medium and RX Heavy.

Through the strategic use of three NEOS softshell textiles with different weights, we were not only able to ensure that the Ultraz protects you exactly where it is needed, but also ensure breathability and reduce weight even further. The positions we take on the bike - in combination with the expected riding conditions - determine the choice of material. After all, we are aware that driving in the dead of winter requires sophisticated sportswear that fits and can be absolutely relied on.

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