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Thanks to a specially developed mix of textiles, sophisticated upholstery and a comfortable fit, these trousers offer classic MILLE GT comfort  every trip, whether on your usual training lap or on the weekend trip to the club.

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During training, in competitions and on everyday trips, the MILLE GT bib shorts always offer perfect comfort thanks to a specially developed mix of textiles and the special design of the padding. They have been equipped with our proven Type.429 Titanio fabric, a resilient, slightly compressive textile with high elasticity that offers your legs comfortable and consistent support when you move on the pedals. This high-performance material was processed in regularFit, a cut that tends to represent comfort rather than racing. This combination makes the MILLE the epitome of the ultimate ASSOS shorts that so many cyclists use every day. In connection with the soft MILLE EVO insert (8 mm memory foam, black 3D waffle coating and kraterCooler system for further improved breathability) you get the secret of success for comfort in the saddle that lasts all day.

Thanks to its flat, stable structure, the back panel fits seamlessly between the shoulder blades and offers a soft and supportive hold. It was developed from our proven Y7 frame carrier design and stabilizer mesh. At the front, a seamless edge with sealed seams (zeroWaist) ensures that the transition between the stomach area and the front fabric panel is as clean and comfortable as possible.

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