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The MILLE GT Summer Bib Shorts c2 - T GTS by ASSOS is the second generation of MILLE from ASSOS. The bib shorts are a must-have for everyone who doesn't want to do without additional comfort during training. The newly developed OSSIDIA material offers you an ideal balance between pleasant wearing comfort and supportive hold.

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GTS stands for the birth of the second generation of MILLE - a brand new bib shorts based on the most comfortable comfort of the iconic GT, with soft double-layer padding, new, even better supportive materials that counteract muscle exhaustion and a revised fit. They are a must-have for professional drivers who are looking for additional comfort during training, or for hobby drivers who want maximum support on long-distance journeys.

We have adopted the two-part butterfly design of the S9 racing shorts to increase wearing comfort even further, to keep the pad securely in position during movement and to prevent chafing with the reduced seams. Our Xbib straps with the additionally stabilizing A-frame on the back ensure that the pants stay in the best possible position during the journey.

Our new stuff  OSSIDIA  - specially developed for MILLE GT c2 - forms the ideal balance between pleasant wearing comfort and muscle-supporting hold. The circular knit fabric consists of extremely thin, elastic fibers for a secure fit, breathability and velvety comfort around your lower back and thighs. The resulting fit is a more efficient, tighter fit  regularFit, ideal for every rider and all riding styles.

The heart of the GTS is a completely redesigned upholstery. The starting point was the upholstery of the GT with its double-layer memory foam and the honeycomb-structure cover.

This multi-layer upholstery system offers targeted support for the sit bones and, with its 3D structure and kraterCooler ventilation openings, ensures optimal ventilation and maximum comfort.

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