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A professional performance waterproof jersey designed to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions and the toughest racing challenges.


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There is a lot of passion and dedication in our Liberty model, which we created in our in-house textile laboratory. His prototypes were involved in professional cycling for the first time in 2017 and have been continuously improved with the direct feedback of our partners in the BMC Racing Team. The original idea behind this jersey was to fill a void in their cycling wardrobe that the team identified. After it has been put through its paces by our team drivers, you can use our race-proven, light and waterproof thermal rain jersey EQUIPE RS, which is also known under the name Liberty. 

In accordance with its in-house label, we classify the Liberty as a “rainproof thermocouple for racing”. We designed this high-tech piece of equipment with great attention to detail so that it is as waterproof as necessary, as aerodynamic as possible, and yet light and sleek enough to perform at its best. We trust this short-sleeved jersey will keep you warm and dry in the saddle. In contrast to conventional thermal rain jerseys, the performance of the Liberty is based on our non-porous Stratagon Light fabric, which remains light and powerful even when wet. So it comes as no surprise to us that other WorldTour teams have already expressed their interest in this product. 

With the help of our in-house body mapping construction, we have integrated 5 types of fabric, 13 patterns and 10 different individual components into this ergonomic fit, so that it cuts through the air like a knife and still protects you from wind, rain and cold. Our efforts to improve the performance of the Liberty are also evident in the following details: the ventilation slots on the back, known as squamoVenTech; the reduced number of stitches, which offers the water even fewer opportunities to penetrate; the two-sided double zipper; the large, reflective panel for even more visibility on the back; three optimally placed pockets on the back, which have inner pockets made of breathable mesh fabric for even more comfort; the sealed seams; and the highly precise ultrasonic welding. 

The unmistakable design of the Liberty is based on our latest technology: HI-AMtec [HeatInject - AccessMap]. The panel on the left side of the chest directly above the driver's heart is provided with a layer of our Schloss Tex fabric. By applying our technology directly to the source, we guarantee additional warmth and improved blood circulation. This approach is also in line with our goal of keeping as little volume as possible on the body while riding. After all, with this technology we ensure that our drivers are equipped for all conditions on their races without unnecessary volume.

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