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Seamless speed takes new meaning with Le Houdini. We’ve taken our maniacal obsession with patterning and textile engineering to newheights, bringing you our fastest speed suit yet.

As the third member to join our S9 generation, Le Houdini has been engineered from the ground up, with the primary objective centered on giving you that perfect balance between targeted support and slippery speed. The approach we took began by examining the suit as an entire system, first with the lower half.

Our A-Lock Engineering was employed—a new bracing system comprising proprietary textiles and tech that work together to stabilize the shorts and secure the insert in place. Just two panels are used, with a primary “butterfly” panel fully wrapping the legs and converging in the rear to form our new ergoBox structure. This design effectively frames the insert in place and provides you with an ultra-comfortable wrap on your legs using our Type.441 textile, a 40-guage warp knit developed specifically for compressive hold and silky comfort.

In the insert department we applied our new mod.Dep S9, evolved from our proven Equipe Evo. We reduced the overall footprint to shed additional weight, employed superAir microShock foam with 3D waffle, incorporated our kraterCooler system to increase airflow up front, and took additional measures to anchor the insert at the rear with our patented horizontal stabilizer.

Up top we applied our proven circular knit miniCheck Tex, which is a highly elastic 3D knit fabric that’s been specifically developed with breathability and moisture transfer in mind. At the rear, we’ve incorporated our Stabilizer textile, which secures the jersey with its limited vertical-stretch composition, especially when the pockets are loaded up. The aggressive position speed-focused riders take also informed our material choice for the new raw + bonded sleeves, yoke, and pockets, which needed to be as buttery smooth and flexible as possible. Our fine-gauge warp knit Push Pull textile was just the ticket, providing you with high UV protection (UPF 50+) along with its quick-drying, bi-stretch properties.

Bringing the suit together is our new ultralight triple-slider zipper, which allows you to keep the chest-to-neck section sealed up, i.e., drag free, while still opening the lower section for extra airflow.

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