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The Spring / Fall LS Skin Layer offers you in cooler weather in late autumn and on the first days of spring thanks to long sleeves,  seamless comfort and a new mix of yarns with medium weight extensive protection.

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Light insulation and long sleeves are exactly what you need on cold days in autumn and spring, when it is essential to protect your upper body from wind and weather. Our long-sleeved skin layer for spring / autumn is designed to offer you additional heat-storing comfort when the temperature drops, and is used here.

Cyclists who know our iconic skinFoil functional underwear will find that we have completely redesigned everything in the Skin Layer range and are now using a brand new material made from different fibers. It is about 8% lighter than before and the circular seamless structure can also be found here, which means that the garment has no scratchy side seams. In addition, the result is a supple, tubular knitted fabric that hugs the skin as smoothly as possible. Made for cold weather, the material is made up of carbon fibers and polypropylene and effectively transports moisture away from your skin and insulates your core. In addition, we have increased the collar by 3 cm compared to the short-sleeved model, and that's just one of the many little things that show how detailed and carefully we tailor our functional underwear to certain conditions.

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