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A limited edition jersey that was inspired by the vitality of ASSOS founder Signor Toni Maier and a tribute to  represents the driving force behind the world's first carbon bike and Lycra cycling shorts.


Only while stocks last.

colour: sagaPetrol

The achievement of our 40th anniversary in 2016 inspired us to honor the ASSOS founder Toni Maier with this high-quality jersey in limited edition and to applaud his daring moves at the beginning: the first steps with carbon fibers, the first use of Lycra and the first groundbreaking cycling shorts. These bold steps in the direction of groundbreaking fabric development heralded a new era in modern cycling clothing and led ASSOS to a number of significant innovations.

At the moment, this inspiration comes to the fore in the form of the ForToni SS summer jersey - a short-sleeved high-performance jersey for the warm season that is made of quick-drying, moisture-wicking Dual Tex fabric and thus meets the highest demands of cyclists. The forToni cycling jersey is equipped with our race-proven process technology to dissipate moisture, which allows this ASSOS top to perform at its best even when riding under high loads and to make you look elegant at the same time. With this summer jersey, which was designed in our regularFit fit with open-edged sleeves, you call a refined top your own, which not only convinces with its sophistication but also with its sportiness and is therefore an excellent companion during coffee breaks while cycling.

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