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This minimalist, jersey-like jacket, which offers an incredible amount of warmth and protection, is the clear favorite for winter among the  Ladies. Unmatched performance.

colour: yellowBadge

Our habujacketLaalalai, specially made for women, is a remarkable testimony to the technical engineering skills of ASSOS. This winter cycling jacket is extremely light and compact, and therefore extremely practical. It is also as comfortable to wear as a second skin.

In order to achieve such a progressive performance, we have used a selection of our top-performing textiles for this ASSOS cycling jacket for women. On the front, stratagonLight guarantees great protection from wind and rain with minimal weight. The specially developed thermal fabric RXQ has such a small pack size that the entire jacket fits in a jersey pocket. But since the habujacketLaalalai works at full power up to 15 ° C, you probably rarely have to take it off anyway. 

With so much performance and comfort plus the sophisticated aesthetics of our blackSeries color scheme, you will probably be reluctant to take them off.

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