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This optimized racing jacket shows its true skills in cold, wet weather and forms the bridge from a warming long-sleeved jersey  light shell jackets.

In the event that combinations of warm SS jerseys, arm warmers and vests are not enough for races in cold spring and autumn weather, we have designed a warmer alternative: the brand new EQUIPE RS Spring Fall Jacket. And while it looks similar to the Spring Fall Aero SS jersey, it's a completely different product.

With our two-layer twinDeck structure - made from our push-pull outer layer and the insulating rhombus on the inside - the jacket does not allow any cold and creates an insulating layer with the air between the layers, but at the same time remains exceptionally breathable. The first thing you will notice are two “valves” on the front of the shoulders. This detail, only available from ASSOS, resembles air fans in that it draws cool air from the outside in and distributes it between the two layers of fabric of the jersey. The idea behind this is that opening the zipper is not always an option when we are driving at top speed in a crouched position, but we still appreciate a cooling air supply in this situation. With this design we have found a solution to the problem of overheating: Benefit from a regulated body temperature without having to forego aerodynamics.

The sleeves are made of our SONIC material, a highly elastic rib fabric that hugs the arms and, thanks to its roughened structure, has a slightly insulating effect. The cuffs are processed with open edges so that the jacket can be seamlessly combined with gloves and a smooth, aerodynamic profile is retained. Our color-coded Triple Ramp Pockets, a metal zipper with opening / closing lock and the particularly light ribbed hems on the back round off the garment.

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