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The new form of speed - tested in the wind tunnel and with refinements carried out on the fabric. This combination will be for you  the fastest, lightest and sharpest weapon in the battle for seconds.

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The best possible balance between speed and grip. We follow this premise when redesigning all of our racing suits. For the development of the EQUIPE RS Rapidfire LS Chronosuit, we already had an extremely fast starting point with the SpeedFire Chronosuit.

As with all equipment for the lower body from the S9 family, our frame structure, which has been distinguished by A-Lock engineering, is also used in the Rapidfire LS Chronosuit. It gives the shorts the right shape and ensures a stable hold even in the toughest and fastest races. Only two sections of fabric were used, and the main part is the “butterfly” that completely surrounds the legs and converges on the back to form our ergoBox structure. This design effectively holds the pad in place and envelops your legs for maximum comfort. Our elaborate fabric Type.701 Kompressor was processed for this purpose: The ultra-thin yarn with enormous elasticity creates an almost frictionless fabric and thus offers you excellent comfort while at the same time supporting the muscles. In other words: Type.701 becomes your second skin and offers you outstanding structural support, breathability and a consistently silky-soft feel along the lower back and thighs.

As an insert, we have integrated the brand new CHRONO RS S9, which emerged from our proven EQUIPE RS S9. In order to take into account the time trial-specific, strongly bent forward sitting position, we shortened the cushion at the back by 3 cm and moved the 9 mm thick superAir microShock foam layer to the front.

For the upper body, we have based our tried and tested cube material of the SpeedFire, which is characterized by an elastic jacquard 3D knit structure that has been tested in the wind tunnel for speed with lower air resistance. A uniquely positioned zipper, which is attached along the back on the left side, rounds off the suit and ensures that the windproof 3D material on the front is worn without its properties being adversely affected by a centrally placed closure.

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