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The evolution of our race-proven three-layer waterproof rain jacket - particularly light, extremely visible and incomparably safe.

colour: lollyRed

With the original EQUIPE RS rain jacket, we practically reinvented rain jackets. We no longer had to resort to windbreakers or overly large winter gear, as the EQUIPE RS was designed with a super light, stretchy and waterproof shell material that complemented our aerodynamic racing jersey underneath. A truly impressive protective cover that left nothing to be desired. So why make changes to such a good product? We didn't do that - we just upgraded the jacket with a few functions that make it even better for the conditions on the road.

One thing first: The EVO rain jacket is now available in the new color combination "fluoYellow". This means that you are much more visible to other road users on dark and stormy days. Like the original, it retains the racingFit fit and is made with Schloss Tex, our race-proven, waterproof 3L softshell material developed in the laboratory. Thanks to the three-layer moisture-absorbing membrane and the flexible, breathable composition, Schloss Tex offers incomparable all-round protection. At only 170 g, it also has a pocket on the back that is so invisible that the jacket still looks like the usual feather-light windbreaker.

Numerous elements of our legendary sturmPrinz are used in this jacket, such as sealed arm and neck cuffs to minimize friction and the popular pocket slits through which you can reach the pockets of your jersey worn underneath. We have also revised the 2-way zip and equipped the jacket with a more robust, glove-friendly version, which gives you the option of ventilation from above or below. Other revisions include a new waterBlock hem that repels water and ensures a secure hold without slipping, as well as a striking, reflective logo on the reflective strip on the back.

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