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With DYORA we are redeveloping the women's racing jersey. It fits like a second skin and is made from our lightest ones  Materials made for racing drivers and hobby drivers alike, and thanks to the many small details, it offers unsurpassed comfort.


The racing model for female athletes. Discover DYORA, a functional jersey for racing and training trips with an airy, feminine cut, where you get your money's worth with the latest textile innovations and comfort-oriented details from ASSOS.

The front consists of a highly elastic 3D knitted fabric that was developed with breathability and moisture dissipation in mind. Our stabilizer material is used on the back, which is equipped with a short vertical stretch to secure the pockets. The special, steep posture that cyclists take at top speeds also contributed to the choice of our material for the sleeves and pockets: It had to be as soft and elastic as possible. Thanks to its high UV protection (USF 50+) and its quick-drying properties, our velvety push-pull jersey has formed the basis on which we are building.

Thanks to its cut, the fit of our DYORA moves with you like a second skin and mimics your posture in the driving position. This creates a profile that does not create unnecessary drag. The details that round off the design include the sealed zipper with opening / closing lock, a sealed waistband and open-edged sleeves. On the back we have integrated our tried and tested “Triple Ramp” pockets, in which you can effortlessly stow objects when you are out and about, as well as a light elastic band on the hem that prevents the jersey from slipping.

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