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The women's jacket DYORA RS is due to the three-layer waterproof material, the continuously sealed seams and the feminine fit  ideal shell in rainy weather.

colour: venusViolet

The DYORA RS rain jacket is ideal for annual racing and training trips. Our three-layer, developed and race-tested in the laboratory  Tex Castle  The material and the sealed seams make them completely waterproof. In contrast to most fabrics reinforced with a membrane, is  Tex Castle  highly breathable and elastic. It is a material specially developed for this purpose. Material developed in-house that is specifically designed to meet high performance levels in the saddle. We have tailored the individual parts to your body in the driving position; this creates a tight fit, we call it raceFit, which also allows additional layers of clothing. At only 170 g, this shell can be stowed in a back pocket just as easily as wafer-thin windbreakers.

Details include sealed hems on the sleeves and collar to minimize friction and slits on the back for access to the pockets of your jersey underneath. The 2-way zipper is equipped with easy-to-grip zippers, which means you have the option of supplying air from above or below. Our jacket is rounded off with the  waterBlock hem that repels water and ensures a perfect fit - without slipping. Thanks to the eye-catching reflector panel on the back, the so-called  Reflex, you can be seen even better from behind in poor lighting conditions.

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