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For riders who don't let anything stop them: the bonkaJacketLaalalai impresses with the very best materials and a bright design.

colour: yellowBadge

Cold wet weather can be the cyclist's worst enemy because it brings both danger and discouragement. With the bonkaJacketLaalalai, our best winter jacket for women, we offer you the protection and comfort you need for your training rounds. The jacket is armed from top to bottom for the challenges of the winter season, thanks to the unique fabrics and our know-how. It redefines cycling in winter. On the front, we have equipped this women's cycling jacket with a two-layer twinDeck construction made from the thermal RXQ fabric and the windproof stratagonUltra fabric. On the sides and arms, the lighter and at the same time protective stratagonMedium material more than lives up to its role; a back panel made of RXP provides reliable warmth and ensures breathability and moisture transport. The extremely stretchy EVA outer material offers additional protection and comfort. The groundbreaking details of this jacket include ultrasonic welding on the cuffs and an integrated neck warmer. It has more than earned its place in our collection with its blue bonKa accents. It invites the ambitious cyclist to defy the weather conditions. This winter, pedal hard with all the comforts.

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