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Thanks to the staggered compression and the velvety fibers, these socks, which were developed for triathlon top performance as well as for recovery times after a ride, support your feet and calves and keep them cool and fresh.


Thanks to the staggered compression, our recovery socks contribute to the blood circulation in the feet and calves so that they stay cool and are supported. And not only during physical exertion, but also in recovery phases away from the saddle. For this we used InfraRed yarn, which thanks to the high elastomer content ensures compression and, together with Lycra around the foot and ankle, offers a firm, supportive hold that gradually subsides along the leg. For more support and even more breathability, we have provided the arch of the foot with a rib band, and then incorporated a high-contrast stripe for a clear finish.

colour: yellowBadge

InfraRed Yarns: Smooth yarns with high elasticity provide firm compressive support (22mmHg / 2nd  class medical compression), enhanced circulation, and an ultrasoft feel.

Mesh Arch: 360-degree ribbed band along the arch keeps the foot cool and supported.

Seamless Construction: Absent of exposed seams, this 240-needle construction provides a seamless wrap on the foot for the ultimate in friction-free comfort.

Composition: 48% polyester (infraRed), 42% polyamide, 10% elastane

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