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Supporting medium-weight socks for cold trips in winter in poor light conditions.

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When driving in winter, socks are required that are comfortable, provide support, insulate and ensure good visibility. To meet these requirements, we have chosen a unique blend of cotton-wrapped elastomer, which, thanks to our seamless design, creates a slightly compressive hold and a slightly insulating effect for the foot, ankle and lower leg. This mixture creates a knitted fabric that effectively insulates, transfers moisture through the yarn to the outer surface and thus ensures that your feet are dry and comfortable in your shoes. We have developed a rib tape especially for the arch of the foot, which wraps it around and offers even more support and increased breathability. The contrasting reflective tape along the Achilles tendon ensures better visibility in poor light conditions. The blue climaCode for winter is now a striking visual signal of how to wear the layers on top of one another and also helps with the organization of the wardrobe.

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