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Our Summer SS Skin Layer redefines the functional underwear category: An ultra-light, seamless design is combined with carbon fibers to  To keep your core of the body cool and dry with full comfort under mild conditions.

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We pay great attention to the first layer of our ASSOS Layering System and are constantly trying to optimize the basic models of functional underwear in terms of moisture regulation and general comfort. We have succeeded in this with our new Skin Layer product group: The Skin Layers replace our SkinFoils and shine in a new, revised design. They are lighter, have a more intelligent structure and are made from textiles that have been optimized with regard to their functionality.

The short-sleeved skin layer is around 25% lighter than its predecessor from the skinFoil series. Not only have we reduced the weight of an already light layer by a quarter, but with the Circular Seamless structure, an even, tubular knitted design that feels silky soft on the skin, we also manufacture an item of clothing without scratchy side seams. We have put together a new textile made of carbon fibers and polypropylene yarns in such a way that the moisture transport is regulated even better than with the previously used fabric. The end product is a breathable, antibacterial short-sleeved base piece that cools and keeps you dry from the first layer.

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