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MILLE 2.0, the classic is back. And now even more comfortable, with its open cuffs and the even lighter and overall  more breathable material. Your loyal companion on everyday trips as well as kilometer-long weekend tours.

colour: holyWhite

Since its introduction, MILLE has been part of the basic equipment of many drivers, because the jersey is made of comfortable materials in the incomparable ASSOS style with a perfect fit. We've taken a long look at what makes it so popular with so many riders - from professionals who train with it to weekend riders - and we've given it a generous makeover to make it more comfortable to wear and meet your needs.

Like the original, this model also enjoys a classic one  regularFit fit, which is now equipped with optimized open-edged sleeves made of the same elastic, velvety soft material that is also used in our racing jerseys. This simpler, seamless structure creates the smoothest transition between the fabric and the upper arms that you can clearly feel and does not allow anything to slip while you are bent over the handlebars. The textile of the rest of the jersey is also celebrating its premiere:  BIG DUAL Tex, a highly breathable, super light and even faster drying material than the original. The finishing touches are a full-length zipper with an opening / closing lock and our tried and tested  Triple ramp pockets in which you can safely stow everything you need for the training ride using the integrated fabric flaps.

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