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With a particularly soft and seamless design as well as built-in UV protection, the Kneefoils provide additional protection in both cool and cold weather  The arm foils are characterized by their soft, seamless design as well as the integrated UV protection, which makes them suitable for use on both cool and sunny days.

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The armfoils were mainly developed as a layer to protect against UV rays, but also provide additional warmth in cold weather. Thanks to our circular seamless technology, all foil items are free of any annoying side seams, creating a uniform, tubular knitted design that feels particularly soft on the skin. There is a soft band at the top and bottom to keep the sleeves from slipping.

The fabric of the armfoils consists of polyamide and elastane, which means that moisture is transported away much faster than conventional polyester blends and can therefore evaporate. This creates a breathable top layer that protects your arms.