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The ASSOS racing jersey that WorldTour riders rely on every day. This season it appears in new splendor, that is, in  new colors, and in the popular fit - aerodynamic and tight like a second skin.

colour: vignacciaRed

Since textiles are becoming lighter and more elastic, one could - as many already do - simply rest on these "shrink film-like" properties instead of further developing one's cutting techniques. Not with us! No shortcuts are taken on the way to a perfectly fitting racing jersey. It takes years of tinkering with promising cutting techniques and feedback from the world's best drivers. Put on the short-sleeved summer jersey of the EQUIPE RS professional edition: our race-proven jersey platform, this year with a new design and the popular aerodynamic fit.

Our tried and tested circular knit comes on the front  miniCheck Tex  for use. The highly elastic 3D knit structure means that breathability and moisture regulation are in balance. You can find ours on the back  Stabilizer. This short vertical stretch material holds the jersey in place, especially when the pockets are full. To support the particularly deep and aerodynamic posture that cyclists adopt at top speeds, we chose ours  Push pull  Material for sleeves, collars and pockets: it had to be as soft and elastic as possible.

The finishing touches are our feather-light, sealed zipper with opening / closing lock, the sealed hem and the combination of open-edged and sealed sleeves that ensure seamless comfort and support. We also have ours on the back  Triple ramp pockets  incorporated, in which you can effortlessly stow objects on the go. The whole thing is rounded off by the processing of a lighter elastic band on the hem to save even more weight.