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The perfect transition from summer racing shorts to spring / autumn knickers: the S9 model, which has proven itself on the WorldTour, now with insulating and  tight-fitting fabrics.

Whenever we least expect it: The stinging of cold air on our thighs, crotch and buttocks paralyzes us on the street and distracts us from the running race. This is the time when our racing pants are no longer warm enough for the summer, but we don't really want to take our long pants out of the closet yet. Then try the EQUIPE RS S9 bib shorts for spring / autumn, which are designed for cool weather conditions during races in spring and autumn. These bib shorts are still short, but offer additional warming comfort and protection.

Like the entire EQUIPE RS S9 line, these shorts use our A-Lock engineering frame structure. It gives the shorts the right shape and ensures a stable hold even under the greatest stress. The areas of fabric around the thighs are made of roughened Osmos Heavy material, which further enhances the stability of these areas. This is the latest material to join our textile family and its technically complex 2-in-1 composition gives us several advantages.

The first advantage is that the roughened inside is highly insulating, breathable and very soft on our skin. The outer jersey acts like the “shell” of the shorts, providing your leg muscles with even better support and providing compression. These two components, which are combined in one material, ensure a compressive hold around our legs, which promotes blood circulation and guarantees even heat distribution. Knowing that the fronts exposed to the wind must be particularly resistant, we have provided a two-layer twinDeck structure with the special Sphere Ultra material. In this way, you are optimally protected from icy cold air in sensitive areas without having to forego breathable properties.

During use, we used our race-proven EQUIPE RS insert - only without kraterCooler air holes - in its popular basalt color. It is equipped with a superAir microShock foam layer, 3D waffle upper material as well as the goldenGate technology used only by ASSOS and the horizontal stabilizer attached to the rear.

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