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Thanks to six years of development and our most advanced use of racing clothing to date, the Equipe RS bib shorts S9 open up new avenues by combining unprecedented stability and comfort in this clothing designed for speed.


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The S9 model heralds the future of race-proven comfort and was designed on the basis of a completely new concept that was itself developed from scratch. Even after years of testing and evaluating other riders at the highest levels in the sport, we continue to see that even the most advanced method is only as good as the framework that supports it. Think of the tight turns you make, pedaling, be it in the saddle or standing, and think of all the hours you have spent repositioning your body that have had a big impact on your shorts along with the functionality of their inserts. And finally, don't forget about the convenience they offer you. 

To address all of these points, we used our A-Lock Engineering, our brand new stabilizing system that combines specially developed materials and methods to stabilize the shorts and keep the insert securely in place. Two inserts are used in the S9 generation: the primary "butterfly insert", which completely flatters the legs and converges on the back to form our new ergoBox structure. This design frames the use in an effective way and also convinces with an incredibly comfortable layer that envelops your legs and is made of the Type.441 material, which was specially developed for compressive hold and silky-soft comfort. After this step, we implemented our unique rollBar, which is based on the stabilizer of a racing car, with the carriers acting as a stabilizer for use as your weight shifts from left to right in the turns. Each strap is sewn directly into the seam above the insert to ensure it is always under tension. 

The straps have also been redesigned using calibrated stretch, while the back has been given a single section of elastic material that is folded over itself to form an A-shape on the back. To ensure a higher degree of stability, it offers a short, vertical stretch. A more flexible material was used on the front for production, which impresses with an antibacterial carbon fabric and in this way dissipates moisture and lies flat. 

We have also concentrated on a single mission that has developed from our proven Equipe Evo and gives us the freedom to think again about what is most important in an optimized mission for racing. We reduced the general footprint in order to save additional weight and then implemented the superAir microShock foam with 3D waffle and our kraterCooler system to increase air exchange and have also taken other measures, the use on the back with our patented to fix horizontal stabilizer. The result? The comfort characteristic of ASSOS, but stable like never before.

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